Thomai Pnevmonidou

BArch; MArch; MDes Interior Design; Pg Cert in Learning & Teaching; Pg Cert in Supervision

Thomai Pnevmonidou qualified in architectural engineering from the Democritus University of Thrace in Greece, subsequently she completed the MDes in Interior Design at The Glasgow School of Art where she graduated with distinction in 2013. She lectures in the Interior Design Department at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level in the subject.

In her teaching career, Thomai has developed interdisciplinary interests that include the perception and identity of space through human psychology; the power of imagination, storytelling and narrative, and the interaction between people and objects. She is keen to promote pedagogical approaches to the deconstruction and reconstruction of space through narrative, personal interpretations, metaphors and drawings. She continues to explore utopian concepts through theoretical and artefactual examples.

Over the last three years Thomai has been closely involved in a project with our Singapore based partner programme. This project explores varied patterns of domestic living in Glasgow tenements and Singaporean Housing Development Board (HDB) apartment blocks.

Alongside her academic career Thomai is a design practitioner collaborating with Patrick Macklin as SpaceKaft, an interdisciplinary research studio. She contributes to various online journals and has worked as an illustrator. Her work has been featured and referenced in Frame, and Nostimon Imar: www.nostimonimar.grLinks to an external site..



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