Hotel 9

Seulbi Kim

For many people, material wealth is an expression of selfhood, proof of their existence. Consciously or otherwise, they associate their identity and self-image with the things they possess (L’art de la, 2016). People consume, acquire, accumulate, and collect. They forget to realize what vital and urgent needs and desires are, making them listless. We used things because they were there, not because they were essential. In the end, we are surrounded by a huge number of objects and we, as an awake human-subject, cannot use the objects properly. These two relation between subject and object is inverted and mixed. However, we can only realize it when all the possessions are gone.

Material excess leaves us no time to devote to ourselves. Excessive possessions unnecessarily make us waste too much energy and time. We need to pause for a while and think carefully about what we can do in order to find the essence of our lives. We can question ourselves about what makes our life complicated, when we are happiest, this is worth it or having more is important.

The hotel concept is based on the knowledge ‘less is more’. The hotel offers lesser services to users; in return users can obtain more experiences and opportunities to communicate with external environment, which is essence of travel experience that is truly inseparable relationship with hotel.

My wearable space is the one of the 9 objects, which is a transferable backpack into a space. As a part of my part 1 project, the user of this backpack, which is self-contained and independent structure, can be a solitary traveler. The capacity of the space is only one person that is fairly tiny but also comfort and ease.

This small DIY space is more concerned with the detail, function, form, dynamism, material and proportion than an impactive big scale. As we know, a small structure struggles to establish its significance against a grand architectural gestures. However, size imposes no limits on creativity and utility is no constraint to beauty. No matter how tiny or how functional, and no matter where they are, can bring a little joy. And that is no small achievement. Structures come ready to assemble, that can be erected and disassembled in a matter of minutes and have the least impact on the natural environment while providing adequate shelter and modern amenity.



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