Cooking Machine produces wonderful fantastic stories

Cooking Machine produces wonderful fantastic stories

Zhenxi Fang


So many people are affected by heavy study and busy work and some of them suffer from insomnia and even nightmares. How can these people sleep well? I think there should be a utopia place like Disneyland where adults and children can find their own sense of belonging, or true or false. Therefore, is there any hotel that offers this kind of “fake”experience? Any hotel that offers the unusual experience, which will help those guys to relieve pressure and enjoy themselves very well, for tired people.

I combined the special movable structure features of the gasometer with the influence of “grid theory” and “encounter theory” and my own life experience. The Golden Section is a ratio which is evident throughout the universe as the number phi. You can use this ratio to good effect in design by making sure that elements of your grid conform to this ratio. using the golden section can ensure a natural sense of correct composition, even though it is based in mathematics it will feel right. Meanwhile, the meeting of interior space and exterior space is a kind of encounter as well as the meeting of people and space is also a kind of enounter. This kind of meeting or encounter in a space is based on the layered and changing space.




In summary, I designed this experience-style hotel with multi-level, multi-traffic modes and multiple themes. Gives people a short-lived experience of escaping from real life.




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