Exacting Fantasies About the Parallel Space Behind the Artwork

Exacting Fantasies About the Parallel Space Behind the Artwork

Miaomiao Wang

The project is trying to analyse paintings and translate paintings to space design. That is to rebuild the space based on the paintings and use our analysis and association to restore that space. Give to the visitor a deeper impression about paintings. So I am building my work based on what we read in paintings, discuss the narrative of space, use space instead of a large piece of script to explain paintings and influence the mood of the audience, redefine the future artwork exhibition space.

The research questions will be: a. Why we do Artwork reproduction? b. What is the relationship between the artworks and space design? c. How to analysis the artworks and how to translate artworks to space

As a designer, the original intention of my design is to narrow the distance between art and people, use space design techniques to re-express two-dimensional works of art, to create a full of artistic atmosphere for visitors to travel, learning and cognitive space. With the development of science and technology, the uniqueness and mystery of artworks are gradually diminishing, and the relationship between people and artworks is also seen from people going to a particular location to observe the artworks turning to art through various means to be presented to people.

For me, this program can help me to understand more deeply the possibilities of spatial performance. Discover some new design methods about artworks. For visitors, as time goes, more and more people pay more attention to spiritual needs. Ordinary people also began to pay attention to art, culture and other aspects. We live in a visual world. It is important to watch, understand, and think about the various ways in which images communicate. Art almost always expresses humanity. Tell us about the artist’s life, even including our expectations for art itself.

When people want to get close to art, or want to use other methods to appreciate art, we can design such a space to provide the public with a new possibility of viewing artworks.Such a space allows people to experience art in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

The theme of my art exhibited in the museum is “Parallel World”. Five ancient Chinese artworks were selected according to these five ways people appreciate artworks. Through the exhibition of these five works of art, people seemed to walk into another ancient parallel world of China, where the world has beautiful scenery, a true love story, and a historical record, etc.

To interpret a painting from a spatial perspective, we can divide all paintings into two types: having a real space and no space. Having a real space means that the content in this painting already has a specific indoors spatial form.

Observing the content of the picture is the most intuitive viewing angle. We can quickly speak out what we saw in the picture. These are the most important things we have to show in the exhibition space. But how do we show what we have seen in the painting? I think it can be divided into two methods. The first one is figurative. When you see something, you could show it directly. For example, in “Luo Shen Fu Tu”, the content of this picture is a love story, which describes a story of a person who meets and loves and separates with a God. Then when we design the space, we can arrange the order of the space according to the story.

The design of the five spaces is based entirely on the content of the analysis, using different expression techniques to create different experience spaces.

From the perspective of artistic reproduction, this scheme gives the possibility of an interior design direction of artistic reproduction. The paintings in the works of art are selected and analysed and converted into space, thus creating a new form of artistic space developed from this work of art. For the art world, this program can promote a new form of artwork reproduction for space. The artist integrates the space while creating the artwork. When the film or the stage needs to be in accordance with the art painting work, this program can provide how to select and analyse the useful information in the art painting works, how to build an art space to make the whole atmosphere achieve the effect, and finally make the whole work You can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of art paintings, making it easier for the audience to understand and accept. Therefore, when people want to artwork reproduction again, the designer can refer to this scheme, analyse the picture and background from the aspects of space, composition, colour, proportion, light, author, and then create new forms of art according to such analysis.



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