Fold Hotel

Fold Hotel

Shan Shan Jiang

My ‘hotel’ room aims to provide a place, like a ‘protective organ’, for travelers who attend to find their situation in city. Deleuze said that ‘…, folds and foldings that together make up an inside: they are not something other than the outside, but precisely the inside of the outside.’ The fold, not as a technical device, but an ontology of becoming, of multiplicity, of a differentiation while maintaining a continuity. From this point, my ‘hotel’ room keep the continuity in design, including one-layer space, two-layers space and three-layers space. At the same time, according to Deleuze, being is the expression of virtual attributes in actual intensities (the process of actualisation), and where any actualisation presupposes the virtual world of all possible attributes expressible by intensities. Here, different layers in room can be regarded as the different intensities.


The recreational space (communication area) is the open and flexible space that fuse into the Glasgow (big urban context), which has an open plan. The flexibility not only showed on the curve walls, but also showed on the geometric furniture. The furniture can be easily reassembled to different functions for users. The rich in colour and symbols indicate the city, these design elements showed on the interior design can be the brand identification of my ‘hotel’. The route is between the individual and city, subjective( observer) and objective, privacy and public.




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