Lum Zhi Quan, Dennis

Through this project, I want to uncover the value of a temporal home. During the pandemic, we had a first-hand experience of gaining a new appreciation of temporary home. When we could no longer house the number of occupants within the safety measures in the building. We had no choice but turn to empty spaces, adapting methods of living from the nomads. A temporal space that bore only the necessity. This project also response towards the judgmental undermine of Interior Design. When we faced with low resource and shortage of time situations, we could only rely on our existing spatial environment. We adapt and make do with it. My interest in the theoretical framework of “RIGHTS OF THE CITY” and “THIRD SPACE” which involves the social aspect of human. This has contributed towards the exploration of tangible and intangible elements as uncover AN IDEA A HOME.



By re-looking into the idea of a home and breaking away from the convention, a new understanding of the idea of a home would be discovered. Often a home is referred to a localize idea, situated in a space but it doesn’t have to be a fixed one. A home could be a vehicle, boat or even a tent. A home is not only a space but also has its structure in time as it serves for the people that are living in that time and space. It embodies its aesthetic and moral dimensions. WHAT CONSTITUTE A HOME?


In order to achieve that, I would be looking at voids and Empty Spaces as my prior focus area of study both internally and externally. Through various isometric plans explorations, I would document activities that one can perform in the void and how introduction of objects and planes would alter the activities internally. External elements would play an essential part of this exploration. As these would include numerous possibilities, I would be using hand drawings as well digital illustration to compose a moving pictorial visual.



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