Imprint of time

Imprint of time

Yuhan Que


My design was inspired by the weathering of the walls of the Clyde River and the traces left by various factors. Through various experiments, explore the existence and the shape of boundaries. Finally, turn it into a design element and pass it out in space.

I found that water, wind, human activity, and other factors combined to form deep traces on the walls of the Clyde River. All sorts of factors touch metope ceaselessly, produce different force to act on metope, this process is the world is in weathering “skin”. The marks on the wall are the external intuitive expression of the “boundary”. Through these marks, the existence of strength can be seen, while the boundary divides the external and internal.

Through experiments, I found that the forces between things are mutual and leave marks on each other through the interaction between bodies and ropes of different forms. You use your body to control the shape of the rope and are limited by its length. As can be seen from the traces formed in the experiment, the larger the activity range, the more obvious and dense the traces formed. From inside to outside, it forms a space from density to density, which can be further understood as an atmosphere from concealment to revelation. So I thought, how can I present such a state and atmosphere in space?


Gaswork has existed for more than 100 years. Under the continuous weathering, it is covered with iron, black and red rust while it can still see the previous colors and details. It seems that you can see scenes of 1871 and 2018 on gaswork at the same time. Such a state, like time in the process of swallowing things. Such a gradual process is just like the trace formed in ACT1 experiment, from sparse to dense, from exposure to shading. How can the feeling from exposure to cover be presented in the space? Is it a feeling from public space to private space?

Rendell Jane thinks that public and private, and the differences between them, mean different things to different people. They can mean protected isolation or unwelcome containment, invasion or invitation, exclusion or isolation. In my opinion, the exposed space seems to be more likely to become a public space. People in the exposed space are just like actors in this space, who are exposed to everyone’s eyes and watched every move. The space that is concealed is illicit close space, it is not to point to a person to be in the space, cut off the line of sight of the outside however this space, resemble to be wrapped by the skin rise.

Through various models and experiments, I explored how to express the intimate and revealing atmosphere with materials. It includes planar lamellar occlusion to occlusion with a sense of overall wrapping. I want to create a transparent and revealing space from the covered space.


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