Sim Jun Quan 

In the New Media, where a subject is readily available on the internet (Lister et al., 2009), everything can be condensed to codes and measured in respect to its environmental context. Pierre Bourdieu’s field theory breaks human down to social, economic and cultural capita and describes how we are contested in our respective environment. Next, we are categorised to different social classes in our larger fields (Bourdieu, 1984). The same applies for businesses – being given a code when they are listed in a stock exchange where they are measured based on their performances/ values then compared to other businesses. Their value index reflected at the stock exchange derives from the perception of the mass, namely stockbrokers and traders (Mitchell, 2016). The design proposal explores how similar processes could be applied to ornaments. Firstly, a subject is identified. Secondly, it is reduced to simple denominators for easy reference and comparison. Thirdly, the subject is being analysed based on their performances. Fourthly, they are positioned in their respective fields and compared with their peers.








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