Park night market

Park night market

Mengyu Jiao


Background & Aim

As informal economy workers, night market vendors are unable to gain a foothold in a city with a ‘lack of identity.  The vendors want to find an identity in the city. As a result of the Chinese government’s population control policy, vendors are different from the rural areas but are not accepted in the city, and their identity is somewhere between ‘peasant’ and ‘city dweller’. They are a third identity, constructed by both institutions and culture. In the post-epidemic era, the rapid development of online shopping has given mobile vendors “space to give” through the theory of “decentralisation” combined with online and offline selling methods, helping them to find an identity in the new night market.












Main theories & Concept

“Space giving” can make the “identity” problem be solved in a short time, then what is the relationship between space and vendors.The relationship between vendors and public space is explained through Spatial Practice.The perceptible elements of cultural production in virtual spaces have transformed spatial practices into virtual spatial practices. Decentralization” is used in relation to the Internet and is the result of co-creation by all Internet users,with equal rights and participation.Using the theory of “decentralisation”, combined with the virtual space of the short video, the vendors in the night market can be given an identity.




Using the combination of ‘decentralisation’ and the different types of play for short videos, nine types were identified.The first night market to emerge in modern China was in Hong Kong, and Temple Street Night Market is one of the existing night markets. I chose the park area, to create a new type of night market.After extracting elements from night market and short video, I combined them into the final buildings of each type, with lighted signs on all of them for live video broadcasting, which the vendors can use to attract customers. Their functions are different, and since the mobile vendors have their own means of selling on tricycles, the areas I have provided for them are for different types of objects or activities.




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