TAY – The City’s Den


TAY – The City’s Den

Rajasvi Singh


In response to the issue of overcrowded households in Scotland, particularly notable in Glasgow City, the vision of this intervention is to introduce the concept of – Public Den, addressing various associated challenges.

Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow lacks prototypes for public well-being. Leveraging the street’s abundance of retail and food establishments, attracting maximum chunk of users from the consistent staff presence, the goal is to establish a prototype that acts as a catalyst for community revival.



Upon successful implementation on Sauchiehall Street, the vision is to replicate this concept in other parts of Scotland. This intervention can function independently or synergistically with existing use cases, contributing to a comprehensive community revival.

The objective is to create a scalable model that positively impacts individuals and communities, fostering holistic upliftment across Scotland.



TAY – The City ‘s Den

The goal of Tay -The City’s Den is to address negligence of people’s rights to leisure, providing them with time and space for personal rejuvenation amid life’s busyness. Additionally, the initiative aims to support those seeking self-improvement or striving to maintain consistency with their hobbies, especially in situations where the immediate setting is a hindrance.

Named after Scotland’s longest river, this initiative promotes metaphorical reflection. The overarching objective is to establish a prototype that can operate independently or seamlessly integrate as a plug-in with other active functions, depending on given opportunities. If successful, the plan is to replicate this initiative in various parts of Scotland, as I believe its absence is widespread, and people in other parts of the world could also benefit if implemented successfully.



For Whom

For individuals wanting to revive personally,

For Groups wanting to have a private non-directed interaction.



For What

For individuals to watch movies, do art, listen to music, read, work, meditate, do anything that requires a quiet space
For Groups the City’s Den offers distinct spaces for people who want to perform any kind of non-directed activity they like that may include watching movies, reading, listening to music, doing art etc.



How does it function

Busy work life? Swing by the city’s den on your way home for some leisure and rejuvenation.

Limited space at home? Finding a spot for work or activities beyond bedrooms is tough. Beds’ comfort may hinder revival. Use Tay app to book a private slot.

Tay app lets you book for individuals or groups. Group rejuvenation encourages organic socializing on a deeper level, bridging connections with both familiar and unfamiliar faces.



Ornamenting Weathering

The idea of viewing ornamentation as weathering originated from a transactional experiment conducted during my study using individual tools. This sparked the idea of creating ornamentation with unique symbolism.

Extracting forms from the weathered impressions on the facade provided an approach to constructing ornamentation rather than merely adding it to the structure.
By extracting and combining silhouettes to mimic a den, a unified wall and ceiling form was created, imparting a sense of compactness. This sense of encasement, aligning with the den’s function of privacy and calmness, organically shaped the interiors of the space.

The same approach was applied to furniture formation contributing to a holistic evolution of the interior space. Thus helping in establishing a unique and cohesive experience for the users; focusing on imparting the idea of – ornamenting and symbolising weathering.




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