The Exterior Hotel: Urban Voyeurism

The Exterior Hotel: Urban Voyeurism

Juehui Yan

In the busy city life of the future, people are more focused on their own things. Although the distance between buildings become close together, the distance between people and people is alienated. And with the rapid development of the Internet, people can do anything at home. They no longer need to go out, as if they were locked in an indoor space. They have no opportunity to show themselves or to know the lives of others. The future of the city is a huge “indoor” space.

Μy project is to get people out of their space and go out to the outside. Provide a space for them to show themselves and know others. They can observe other’s lives by peeping, or creating a “stage” to show themselves. It enables people to distinguish indoors and outdoors psychologically. Freud believes that peeping is a person’s psychological instinct, to satisfy the curiosity of people. people are always curious about some thing they do not know, especially somethings inside. All the people who live in the hotel will be an actor or a peep. Some space is designed to create peeping behavior, such as creating small holes to make people close to peeping. Or use the blinds and the arrangement of some walls. For the “actors” in the hotel, there are swimming pools and panoramic glass rooms designed for them.


Each space is like a movie screen, each space has its own story. In this space, you can freely choose as an actor or a peeping person. Show yourself or peek into the city space……




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