The story of Wen Yao

The story of Wen Yao

Yun Liu

This is a story about an ancient creature named Wen Yao that appeared in Chinese myth book Shanhaijing. No one knows if the creature really exist. We only know that they disappeared since human kill and destroy them. In fact, they have been hidden in groundwater for more than a thousand years. Because of the reduction and pollution of groundwater, they evolved and returned to the surface again. In 2112, some of them create a grotto in the motorway gantry that seemed to inherit their culture. This is the first time that the mythical species are really in front of people. People try to explore the mystery of Wen Yao and find the possibility of coexistence.




-In terms of space style, this project discusses the fusion and conflict between Chinese traditional culture and modern industrial civilization.

– It explores the form of mythology in the expression of narrative space.

– It also attempts to present the spirit of persisting in disdaining to defend culture and the emotion of resistance by visualizing space story. It shows the application of cultural diversity and technology in interior design.






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