Up In The Wind

Up In The Wind

Yijia Zhang

In modernity, the fast-paced life of the city has made many people unable to breathe, so many people have begun to yearn for a poetic pastoral life. People will choose to go to a country far from the city to experience a different slower life during leisure time. As Woods’ explains, ‘the countryside has become a refuge from modernity’. Some of people choose bothy to be their destination. Bothy may be a strange word for many people. Bothy was originally used as a refuge or shelter for lumberjacks. Now with the industrial development process, jeep has replaced people’s feet, many lumberjacks living in remote forest farms. Beginning to slowly move out of the original Bothy, and because these places are too remote, the bossy who did not have the master was abandoned. 

In the years that followed, the founders of the mountain bothy association founded a recycling and repairing of these bothies as public places for travelers and hikers, and the project was recognized by the government and established for them. For now, A Bothy is an old shelter, barn, condemned building or a simple storage building that the land owner has given permission for people to stay there. These bothies have been stripped to their bare foundations and have been rebuilt so hikers and adventurers can shelter from the bad weather, have a place to eat or even to get a bit of shut eye! The Foundation supports the maintenance and repair work of Bothy, and the organization also maintains the organization’s activities by accommodating members and recruiting volunteers. This project not only retains the historical value of bothy, but also provides outdoor enthusiasts. Reliable support.

But now due to the development of the city and the building materials needs of the construction industry, the demand for logging is increasing, and the trees in the forest are being cut down in large blocks. Climbers are attracted to the natural environment in the wild. The purpose of mountaineering is often to get closer to nature and enjoy the natural beauty. In the forest farm, more and more forests have been razed to the ground, and now some of the bothies that the organization is maintaining are located in more remote areas, which are the most active and first used plots of logging.

In this essay, I will investigate the two bothies in the Galloway field by recording and researching the essays left by the users in the bothy book, and combining the relevant literature and feelings, analyzing the reasons why bothy are attractive and people seeking to go to bothy. Psychological appeal. At the same time, the future of Bothy is full of challenges, demanding for logging is increasing, and the trees in the forestry are being cut down in large blocks. If the surrounding forest is gradually decreasing, and the natural landscape is no longer the advantage of the traveler’s use of Bothy. Then the traveler may not choose to visit the forest farm again, and the demand for use of Bothy will cease to exist. Therefore, I will extract the psychology and feelings of the user’s mind as a design inspiration to transform a bottley, and get the memory from the site to maintain these bothies and attract people to continue to use them. hoping that no matter how the environment around changes, it still gives users a feeling of being in rural life.

He thought if he only builds one tree in this field,

all the animals will come to rub it up and take a break under its shade.

/The original attraction with new attraction

But planting trees may take too much time, so he decides to make a replica of one tree, the longleaf tree.

When he makes it, he realizes the tree must be quite big.

For one thing, he is going to have to dig a hole and stick his replica trunk in the ground halfway to this field if he wants the thing to stand up.

Because he will have to work fairly big;

If it’s too small, he’ll be unable to handle the slender, three-sided needles, affix them in clusters of three in fascicles, and attach those laden fascicles to flexible twigs.

The twigs themselves must be covered by ‘many silvery-white, fringed, long-spreading scales.’ 

/The tree is a symbol of new attraction

When the tree become bigger and bigger, the tree trunk meets the city.

In order to avoid tree across the city, he just put one side of the tree cling to the edge of the city. 

/Even it’s being in rural nature, it’s still not law-free zone/

the northside of façade is face to the Galloway Forest Park

In order to make easier to catch prey, he decides to put some branches and leaves in the tree to attract prey into it.

/The stairs, floors and screens

When the animal is trapped, he will kill it and always hang it up on the inner wall to attract his next prey. 

/Bed installation

/ A space for reading and sleeping. 

/ Users can read and rest in different folding screens.

/ Users should see the screen when they first enter the house. However, it is difficult to distinguish the spatial separation of the second floor from the perspective of looking up and from a distance

/ When entering a screen with different plant patterns, it is like a small animal being trapped in the forest.

On the second floor, you can walk up the second floor through the stairs of the west and east gates. The stairs will climb into the house from the doorway and then develop along the original slope structure to the sleeping area on the second floor. The second floor sleeping area and the first floor use the same screen design. At home, there is a device for hanging the bed. The user can pull down the bed with the rope while sleeping. The shape of the bed is human figure design. When sleeping, it is the closest to nature, less self-awareness, and more acceptance of natural dominance. When you don’t use it, you can hang it on the wall to show how the prey is hung up like after being arrested.



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