Maria Fernanda Orizaga Flores


‘Wonderland’ is a place where people can immerse themselves in reflective spaces and see their selves reflected in others. It offers a sanctuary for socializing or dancing, allowing visitors to get lost in the unique experience provided by the screens and illusory spaces created by mirrors. It is a space that transports you to a completely different world, away from the chaos of the exterior, while embracing connections with others.




The space is designed with the concept of mirroring and symmetry in mind. As a result, the main part of the space is identical on both sides, with the intention of continuing the same facade design. Towards the rear of the site, you will find the offices and storage areas.

Facade: The exterior of the building is preserved in its most original state, with a white color scheme. In contrast to the dark and colorful interior, the facade maintains a minimal and almost untouched design. The windows are made of black mirrored glass, preventing a view of the interior and encouraging users to enter the space to discover it. So In this way, both the entrance and exit doors are red in color, which also captures the viewer’s attention as they walk by.



Circulation: The space was designed to be accessible to everyone. It features a lift that provides access to the dance floor on the first floor and the social space, which is located below ground level, which additionally, can also be accessed via stairs. Furthermore, having separate entrance and exit doors ensures smoother and more efficient circulation.

Ground Floor

Entrance: The entrance serves as a place of self-encounter, where mirrors create a space that blurs the line between reality and illusion.

Social space: The social spaces, located on both sides of the site, can be accessed by stairs or by lift. By using screens as part of the floor in the social space, we can immerse ourselves and be transported to different settings. The mirrors surrounding this space (wall and ceiling) create fragmented reflections, resulting in an extensive field of view within an illusory space.

With the help of a modular furniture design, users are able to have a personalized arrangement, whether it’s for individual or group use, sitting or lying down.

Bathrooms: Located on the ground floor, this space is designed to be inclusive for people of any gender and ability. The sinks serve as a communal area and can also be used as a backdrop for taking selfies.


First Floor

Dance floor: The dance floor, located on the first floor, can only be accessed by lifts on both sides of the floor. It features a screen flooring and is situated in the center of the space. Vending machines are also located on the side of the floor, allowing people to
purchase drinks for the night. On both sides, there are walls with integrated lighting that synchronizes with the music and the screen floors.



The concept behind the selection of finishes was to enhance the sense of mystery within the space, achieved through the language of color. The majority of the space is designed to be dark, creating an immersive experience that stimulates the senses. Only the main areas are highlighted with colour, using furniture, finishes and lighting to create a contrast with the darkest spaces. The selection includes both pastel and saturated colors to achieve this effect.




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