Crystallization and Time

Crystallization and Time

Chen Lai

I focus on the experimental study of the shape of fur materials and fibers, and use them to combine the experimental growth of fur materials with the crystal structure. I think this is a practice of combining fur indoor performance technology with time landscape.

What I am most interested in is whether it is natural erosion or man-made destruction of the cultural relics on my website. They are related to time and change.

Time and change are related to place. The change of time can only be felt in the same place and the same thing. I am interested in the change and decay of things, but not the result of change, but making change itself a part of work. Therefore, in order to understand the changes of time, I need to record the past, present and future.

According to Robert Smithson, “everything is doomed to decline from the moment it appears.” I learned more about Robert’s research. He is obsessed with crystal. Smithsonian discovered a time pattern based on displacement and dislocation, repetition and extension in crystals. Crystals offer new possibilities for drawing the shape of time.

I immerse a piece of fur in supersaturated salt water and use ions to crystallize on the surface of fur fiber. After 45 hours of shooting, I found that a hard square superimposed crystal shell was formed on the fur surface.

According to the results of the previous experiment, I intend to use hair fibers and crystals to do another experiment, including using fiber structure to simulate the crystal lattice structure, so as to continue the growth experiment. Here I use a watering can with salt water in it. I sprayed salt water evenly on the fibers. Its growth characteristics were observed. It is found that due to the effect of spraying, the closer to the middle part, the thicker the crystallization. Therefore, the spraying range determines the crystal shape.


I chose this uninhabited residence. His appearance is a little dilapidated and plants are spreading everywhere. I retain the growth properties of organic plants in the outside, while growing with inorganic crystals in the indoor space. To create a strong contrast between organic growth and inorganic growth. The commonness of inorganic materials and the growth of organic materials to people. This space can be a jewelry store. It can be mainly used to exhibit or sell jewelry and other time-related products. This indoor space hopes to reveal the possibility of inorganic matter becoming organic growth under the influence of time and environment. At the same time, it attracts people’s attention to abandoned buildings.




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