Keep walking = life?

Keep walking = life?

Hong Yiu Chang


The Slice project is located within the inner-city grid of Glasgow. It is selected the area from the Northern edge M8 motorway down to the southern edge defined by the river Clyde. The site (Student Loan Office) is my allocated building, which I have been told to create a temporary interior intervention in there.

I start by researching the project topic, Slice. The shape of it and ramp-like? Then I turned my research direction is related to the experience of walking. Glasgow has an interesting terrain and urban design. Slopes and ramp streets all around the city. I feel like it has a lot of connections to our daily and people. Hence, I started thinking about the geography of Glasgow as my starting point to investigate and get me some insight to develop the relationship to my design. How can I relate walking to develop the design? What is the importance of walking? What do we think when we are walking? Experience? Impression? Emotions?

The diagram is to explain how the tunnel works like. I have captured three key moments separately, which tried to assume how people will react inside it. The path is uneven and curvy, which created an unsecured and stretchy sense to people. Studio INI said, ‘We designed an experience, not just a form.’ The shape and atmosphere of the space is trying to indicate the idea of life’s ups and downs. Sometimes we need to accept bad happens and offers, at the same time, good might come spontaneously. It depends on our attitude and behaviour to face happens.

The main design concept is to make people review and think about their life. Everyone will have unique attitudes to confront matters, either positive or negative. I believe it is an important lesson that we learn throughout our entire life journey. In the installation, I tried to develop a tunnel with a bumpy path. It reflects our life, which always has ups and downs that are unexpected. When you thought that will be up, probably is not. That is why I have designed a moveable and flexible effect by using fur, as well as the shape of the path. I hope people will be aware when they walk into the tunnel, which refers to our life. Impacts are invisible, how we enjoy all these experience and process are the most treasure thing. From the beginning of the project, I was trying to explore the idea of walking. Throughout the project, I have tried different aspects to explore this context. I tried to find a relationship between walking and human. I exaggerated the value of sense and experience in the intervention design. By comparing the relationship between Glasgow slopes to life ups and downs, I have proposed a design that people can truly experience life in this small tunnel. Walking through the curvy and soft paths, people can expect a lot of amazing adventures inside there. By using the journey of walking into that design tunnel, I delivered a positive message of life, tell people do not to be scared, even we are having bad times now, there are always have good things that follow by, which are like the path in the design.



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