Towards the Within



Towards the Within / Mise-en-Scenes

Asad Ullah Khan

The project is a spatial narrative found in bloated pages of a library in a mind that has reduced to a tumour, a body without spirit roaming ceaselessly without skin in an extraterritorial no-place, a void that is irreducible to the brain on which it is eradicated. This project is a seemingly inexhaustible projection of a deteriorating state, subjected to an anonymous collective rage, left anaemic, a decaying pulp fiction. The moving image containing the flashbacks of an urban trauma, flickering like a last taper in the hurricane blown down along the library shelves of memory, lighting here and there on some stray phrase, some burned chronicle of time, in order to reach to their depth and set free another decaying force, a subjectivity that has not yet succumbed to the oblivion of time. Space and time appears amid the production of this melancholic narrative like the fossilised trace of an extinct species, left in the basin tar of self ages ago. If there is a point on which all of these concepts converges it is that of 3-dimensional moving-image where death is drifting lifeless in its dream kitsch. The end residue which is an animated film would be a metaphor for waking up in a space of an event that which appears to be the epicenter of a bomb explosion furnished with time.

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