‘Error’ Ark


‘Error’ Ark

Yucan Pan

The gender binary is applied in architecture, which contributes to gender bias by reinforcing the position of the dominant group. We exist in an era of the post gender revolution. With the development of science and technology, and the evolution of sexual politics, human’s identity is no longer clearly defined as female or male.The rupture between dynamic identities and the static space inspired me to toward a new possibility of post-genders: ‘cyborg’ and ‘cyberspace’. Taking into consideration that in the near future technology will act as a medium to drive us to communicate more closely with machines and cyberspace, will this create more free space for post-genders? Specifically the group’s need for an urban public space and their demand for more social spaces, ‘Error Ark’ is an instant community which will be embedded in a physical and a cyborg space. It aims to fuel the debate revolving around the gender binary and provides an ideal gathering space for post-genders who are unwilling to be trapped in the gender binary, and chooses to become a cyborg to encourage innovation and differences.











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