Ruin Lust


Ruin Lust / Imagined Pasts, Potent Futures

Corinna Fielden

Ruins From growing up in a post-industrial city to my past refurbishing Victorian homes, there is something about them that continues to enchant me. In Ruin Lust, I expansively examine the place of abandoned and derelict buildings within urban settings, their potential for reuse, and how the fetishization of their past life can enhance the atmospheric experience of the adapted space.

I also explored my relations with a ruin within Glasgow – the abandoned Botanical Gardens Railway Station. While my initial intention was to leave my mark on this ruin, it in turn left its mark on me. My book o flustleters, Echo, chronicles my obsession with, exploration of, and experiences at the ruin. Additionally, Relic acts as an archive of the artifacts I collected during my visits atoron my way to the ruin. As these documents gather, my aim is to express how and why this ruin, the abandoned Botanical Gardens Railway Station, is the perfect expression of ruin lust.







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