Finnieston Crane Hotel

Finnieston Crane Hotel

Miaomiao Wang

My design inspiration comes from Finnieston Crane structure itself, the open structure of it without a reservation made me think of these two key words: ”privacy” and ” freedom”.I don’t want to change the physics of Finnieston Crane too much, because it is a representative symbol of Glasgow, if I broke the shape of the crane, it just like that I have broken the belief of the city, so I want to keep most of its structure, and create no private spaces in its no privacy internal structure, forming a very free distinctive hotel. So how to combination no privacy and privacy in the same space, Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto’s work House NA gave me great inspiration. The design of House for a young couple, using open cube framework to create no privacy space, and use the curtain to make the House changed when the owners need to create illicit close space, also do the same Shigeru Ban the Curtain Wall design House, make the whole House with white curtains from appearance. And then, my whole hotel design theme appeared: privacy and freedom.

First, I redefined the hotel’s “privacy” and “freedom” based on Jay Appleton’s theory, according to his opinion, the potential danger sparks our two interrelated reactions: Protect yourself; Find a wait-and-see point and be safe to see what might be happening outside.So the ”freedom” in the Crane Hotel is that you can choose whether you want privacy or not.You can choose to stay in your private space, or observe someone else, or show yourself to others.And the ”Privacy” will be that you can be free to hide anytime because there will be lots of small spaces for you in the hotel, not only in the private room but also the public areas.

For customers, my definition of this hotel is people who’d like to free themselves and observe others and the most important is that it just for single. Experience of this hotel is from no privacy to privacy. The hotel has six different guest rooms, each of them has a particular design based on its situation. The analysis from the perspective of the six-level: Colour/ Materials/Forms/Sights/Privacy/Sound.Each room can be divided into four parts: the sleeping area, stage/observe the area, free area, and bathroom.

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Hotel sometimes for people was just sleep in different places, but as an interior designer, I hope that through my design, it can make the hotel also become a wonderful scenic spot in the people’s journey, even in their lives. The design of the Finnieston Crane Hotel respect to the Finnieston Crane as a city card and hope to create an unforgettable, truly private time for customers in this place.

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