Sound Exhibition

Sound Exhibition

Seulbi Kim

Space is above the notion of tangible things as the visual languages. Interior designer should consider about invisible communication effects that could occur in the interior space between space and people. A creation of interior space calls for overall understanding of humanistic philosophy about space and of human nature and behavior.

In this sense, I look back on my Stage 1 project. ‘The Sound Plan’ was the study on invisible world that exists in The Glasgow Cathedral. Sound is significantly crucial component that determines a spatial character and atmosphere, although it is invisible. I have planed to grasp the chosen building ‘The Glasgow Cathedral’ through the sounds in order to find out the distinctive spatial character and how important the sound is in an acoustic space such as cathedral. I have collected all sounds and voices that have emerged in the cathedral then re-structure the sounds according to the certain composition. The composition of the sound contains all humans’ behavior pattern, which happen in the cathedral such as their movements, talking, religious event and every sound created by humans in order to understand humanistic philosophy of The Glasgow Cathedral as well as a value of sound containing the spatial quality and shape of space itself.



I have opened my ‘Sound Exhibition’ as a result of collaboration with several professionals in the sound field. This exhibition was an experimental attempt that I was able to grasp and feel overall spatial quality and ambient without any visual perception. And I have proved through the reflections of people in that my re-structured sound has allowed people to transfer one space to another and to remain them of the certain place. The sound, which I created, re-produced an environment and atmosphere of ‘The Glasgow Cathedral’, representing directions of sound sources from 6 different speakers based on real positions in the cathedral. This surrounding sound system allowed people to be able to create a ‘picture’(or at least a partial picture) of a space without any visible factors.


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